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My laptop broke, and I wound up having to get several new parts for it. Yes, it was because of a Pokemon, and no, it wasn't my own. Basically, someone's Electrike started freaking out in the Pokemon Center lobby, and one of the bolts hit my laptop. I usually bring my laptop to work, but this was the first time it's been damaged by a Pokemon.

Anyways, that Pokemon run I've been working on is pretty much done, and my Pokemon like it so far. I just have to put in the last of the play equipment I ordered.

Despite my laptop being broken, I had a great Christmas, with plenty of presents for me and my Pokemon. We visited the orphanage where I spent my first five years like we do every Christmas, the children loved playing with my Pokemon.

I'm still planning on breeding Charity, just looking for the right Pokemon to breed her with. I know a Ditto would be the easiest way, but I want a mate that Charity can get along with, and for each of her babies to be unique. If anyone on the Network is willing to offer their own Pokemon as 'stud', I'd be quite happy.
In case you were wondering, yes, I'm still here.

Working at the Pokemon Center and on the Pokemon run has been taking up alot of my time, which is why I haven't been on so much as of late. The Pokemon run is coming along nicely, though. I've set up the run itself, now I just have to furnish it.
Well, I'm back from Sinnoh, and I had a good time, despite having to assist in fending of Rockets in a few places. I also have a new Pokemon. Her name is Ginger, and she's a Carnivine. She gets along great with the others, and despite a funny incident in Hearthome, she's been a good Pokemon.

Now that I'm home again, I have some big plans I hope to set in motion.

First, I'm going to become a Nurse Chansey breeder. So while I will be breeding Chanseys, they'll be for Pokemon Centers, so don't come asking for one of your own.

I'm also going to be expanding my home abit. Now that I have six Pokemon and about an acre of land to build on, I will be building a 'Pokemon run' of sorts for them to run around in while I'm at work. I don't like keeping my Pokemon in Pokeballs, and a two-room cabin is no place for them to release their pent-up energy.

If anyone can help me in these ventures, I'll be very grateful.
I know I should be happy to be posting from home again, but some recent events have made it the exact opposite, as three people I've gotten to know quite well have died. No one close to me has ever died before, so I don't know how to react...

I'm leaving for Sinnoh soon. I don't know how long I'll be gone, though.
...or at least showing signs of lifting (you probably won't get this if you haven't seen FLCL)

I've been catching up with my biological father as of late. He seriously regrets not being there during my childhood, but hopes we can still have a father-daughter relationship.

My birthday is on the 11th of this month, I'll be turning 20. Even though I don't have anything in mind, any presents will be appreciated.
Sorry if I've worried some of you, but there just hasn't been alot worth posting about since this stupid lockdown.

I've been keeping busy, though, keeping myself from going insane from boredom by working at the Pokemon Center, playing computer games, and going for walks with my Pokemon. Still, I now know how Naota from FLCL felt when he said "Nothing ever happens in this town...". I feel alot like Naota at the moment, and the Rockets are like Medica Mechanica keeping everyone stuck here with their all-encompassing presence.

There is some good news, though, Chiquita has mostly gotten over her fear of bicycles. She no longer spooks when someone rides one past her. Now I just have to get her to walk up to one with someone on it. B.B. is still afraid of RC toys, however.

I'm hoping that Fuschia City is liberated sometime this summer, before my birthday at least...
...Barnacle Bill, the Lileep, or B.B. for short. I found him as a Root Fossil while fossil-hunting with Rory, Lenore and Sui. He's getting along quite well with my other Pokemon, especially Chiquita, who is quite happy to have another Grass-type to play with.

B.B. was a bit confused by modern technology at first. He tried to challenge a roaring Charizard he saw on TV, talk on the phone (fortunately, he didn't dial any numbers.), and flushed the toilet repeatedly. Fortunately, he was just being curious, and didn't do any damage.

The fossil hunting went pretty well, the only incidents being that Rory's Armaldo tried to assert his authority, and Rory lost his shirt when part of the floor caved in. But it was quite fun.

I'm hoping to travel to the Sinnoh region this summer, once I know more about it. I'm particularly interested in seeing the pre-evolution form of Chansey they've discovered there, and learning how I can get one. All I know so far is that some kind of incense is required.
Sorry for not posting anything lately, been rather distracted by work and other things.

Lenore was here a little while back, she'd fallen from her Flygon into one of the more isolated areas of the Safari Zone. Fortunately, I was able to find her and bring her back to my cabin, and direct her to the Pokemon Center from there. I wished she could've stayed longer, I'm sure we would've had alot to talk about.

I still haven't decided where to hold me next lecture, nor have I gotten any invitations. However, Rory has invited me to go fossil-hunting with him and Sui. I'm not bringing all my Pokemon, just Chiquita and Charity. I've never been fossil-hunting before, but I hope it goes well.
Yes, we're back from Rio De Janeiro, and boy was it fun!

Aunt Constancia was a great host, and the city was beautiful. It's too bad the media exaggerates the crime and poverty. Sure, there are poor neighborhoods there, but not all of them are crime-infested hellholes. In fact, the type of criminal tourists should worry about the most are pickpockets, and they can be kept away by keeping an eye out and not showing alot of wealth.

In addition to the parades and street festivals, we went to Ipanema Beach (it's where Tucker caught his newest Pokemon!), Corvocado (where the giant statue of Jesus is located, the view from there is incredible!), Sugarloaf (another great view!), and Tijuca Forest (my aunt's gym is one the edge of it). We went to manyt great clubs and restaraunts too, at one I discovered just how good I was at singing. My adopted mother was right about my singing voice, it's really quite beautiful!

Duplica, the Kecleon is doing much better now, you can probably come pick him up now. Just be gentle when training him, okay?

Still trying to decide where my next lecture will be. So far, Pallet Town and Ecruteak City look like the best places, but I'm open to suggestions.
I've been busy this past week preparing for trip to Rio. And yes, Tucker is coming with me. My aunt has plenty of room at her gym, and she knows I'm bringing a guest. We'll be leaving on the 15th, and returning on the 22nd.

Duplica, remember that shy Kecleon I mentioned awhile back? Well, he wound up at the Pokemon Center today, and we found out just why he's so shy. Turns out some mean kids put him in a pen with a vicious Mightyena, then watched and laughed as it chased him around and bit him a few times. While he escaped, he's still very fearful of humans, so you may want to wait until he gets more use to them before coming to pick him up.